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~ 100% "A" Grade Mulberry Silk Comforter ~ 

~ 100% Cotton Shell ~

 ~The one and only ~ 

"Naturally" Anti Dust Mite + Anti Fungus = " Hypoallergenic"

Great for Children and Adult, help reducing cause of asthma, allergy, dermatitis!

Silk pillow also available, check out our pillows too for total hygiene and comfort!

Customer testimonials

DB ~ Very happy

The four season combo is perfect, sleep very well!

Sheung Wan.
the winter quilt is quite perfect!

wan chai. very happy with the winter duvet, it is perfect for hk winter.

An ancient treasure from the times of the Silk Road and Macro Polo.

An ancient treasure from the times of the Silk Road and Macro Polo. Our Silk Comforter provides the most delicate comfort for all seasons. Made of 100% high grade long strand silk, our silk comforter is one of its kind from the ancient time of ˇ§Silk Roadˇ¨ made by hand, the most traditional comfort workmanship. Light weight and elegantly very fine touch feeling, not comparable with any other comforter material filling. Available in summer thickness for sweet dream for Spring to Summer and indoor air conditioning. 

For Spring and summer
Temperature rating: about 18 degree Celsius and up indoor temp.
For Fall & Winter -
Temperature rating: about 10~18 degree Celsius and up indoor temp.

 Weight: Single - Double - Queen - King - Cal. King

For Sizes & pricing, please check below.




100% Silk Comforter
Shell 100% Plain Weave Cotton Fabric
Filling 100% High Grade Long Strand Mulberry Silk

Price List
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Anti Dust Mite Anti Fungus Hypoallergenic "A" Grade 100% Cotton Shell 100% Mulberry
Silk Comforter (Silk Quilt / Silk Duvet)

ˇ@Warmth Level



Summer Single 140x210cm HK$ 860
Summer Double 180x210cm HK$ 980
Summer Queen 210x210cm HK$ 1090
Summer Pacific King 240x210cm HK$ 1190
Summer King 260x220cm HK$ 1290
Spring Fall Single
(Good enough for warm winter in HK)
140x210cm HK$ 1680
Spring Fall Double
(Good enough for warm winter in HK)
180x210cm HK$ 1880
Spring Fall Queen
(Good enough for warm winter in HK)
210x210cm HK$ 2280
Spring Fall Pacific King
(Good enough for warm winter in HK)
240x210cm HK$ 2390
Spring Fall King
(Good enough for warm winter in HK)
260x220cm HK$ 2590
Winter Single 140x210cm HK$2390
Winter Double 180x210cm HK$2690
Winter Queen 210x210cm HK$3090
Winter King 260x220cm HK$3590
4 Seasons Combo Single 140x210cm HK$2790
4 Seasons Combo Double 180x210cm HK$3190
4 Seasons Combo Queen 210x210cm HK$3690
4 Seasons Combo King 260x220cm HK$4190

Please contact us for your sizes need!

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