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Tatami Mats Set with Futon (Shikibuton)Highest Grade AAA+ JapaneseTatami +  Soft 100% cotton futon 
~ serving HK since 2000 for 15 years in HK!
Tatami Mats Set

Sleep in nature and get the quality of rest
available in 2 Mats set or 3 Mats set

Natural Bedding 
~ the balance of life & nature to Hong Kong busy urban life 
~ improve your atmosphere of your living room with the peace of Japanese Tatami Style  or sleep calmly and naturally in your Tatami Bedroom!

Natural products is good for health before you realize!

Tatami Mat Set provides total natural sleeping atmosphere.  Sleeping closest to mother earth yet comfortable on the bones with the use of Natural cotton mattress (Japanese futon).

1. Cool for Summer and warm for Winter. You are sleeping on Grass and Cotton.
2. Natural Orthopedic healthy bed base for the back bone support during resting  and sleeping on. Tatami is comfortable with elasticity.
3. Natural moisture / temperature and acoustic
4. Hypoallergenic - Natural products
5. Tatami Mats are convenient to travel with you whether you work in Hong Kong or next year in Australia.
6. Use without Futon as a tatami platform for Daily working, Yoga and Meditation.
7. Scent of nature helps relax and rest.

Suitable for Children - Cosmopolitan people - Elder.

Use with:
Tatami - Tatami poster bed - Tatami ZabutonJapanese mattress - Shoji Screen - Shoji Lamp  - Silk Comforter .



3 Mats set = Tatami 3'x6' (3 pcs) + Futon
Total tatami outer-dimension: 183x275cm (6'x9')


2 Mats set = Tatami 3'x6'6" (2 pcs) + Futon
Total Tatami outer-dimension: 183x200cm (6'x6'6')

Price List
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BeddingShop.com Tatami Mats Set with Futon

Futon Size

Price (Hong Kong Dollars)
Five Fold Mat 1.2cm Single Set

Tatami Area 80x190cm 

Bunk Single
Five Fold Mat  Double Set

Tatami Area 160x190cm

L Double
4'x6' (WxL)
Five Fold Mat L Double Set

Tatami Area 160x190cm

L Double
4'6"x6'3" (WxL)
Five Fold Mat Queen Set

Tatami Area 6'x6'6"

5'0"x6'6" (WxL)
2.8cm Foam Core 2 Mats Set

Tatami Area 6'x6'6"

6'0"x6'6" (WxL) 
For other combo, please email or whatsapp 9661-9270 for your specific needs!
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