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Japanese Style Tatami Platform / Poster Bed

Zen Bed fully knock down for easy moving
Easy assembling

Sleep in nature and get quality sleep

Pictures are for illustrative purpose, please contact us for details.

Customer testimonials

Mid-Level. so happy with the tatami zen bed with 4" soft futon, quality is excellent and it is very comfortable! 

Natural Bedding - the balance of life & nature.

Natural products is good for health before you realize!

Tatami Poster Bed is perfect bed for rest, made of solid Wood, Straw and use with Natural Cotton Mattress (Japanese Futon).

1. Highly Ventilated, cool for Summer and warm for Winter. You are sleeping on Grass and Cotton.
2. May help comfort level for people with Back pain. Use with 2" cotton futon mattress or plain tatami for people who like a firmer (not same as hard) base. Recommended by Chiropractors in North America. Healthy for Child - Adults and Elders.
3.  Winter - Use with Feather Bed for extra comfort during winter.
4. Hypoallergenic - Natural products
5. Knock down furniture and easy for moving.
6. Resting & Meditation.
7. Scent of nature helps relax and rest.

Suitable for 
- Cosmopolitan people - Elderly.

Use with:
Tatami - Tatami poster bed - Tatami Zabuton Japanese mattress - Shoji Screen - Shoji Lamp  - Silk Comforter .


Price List
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Too many good reasons to use Tatami bed !
    • 1. Highly Ventilated
      Help Back pain. 
      3. Multifunction and Knock down for easy assembly
      4. Hypoallergenic totally natural 
      5. Knock down furniture
      6. Resting & Meditation.
      7. Scent of nature

      8. Perfect for children, adult and elders.
Japanese Style Tatami Platform / Poster Bed

Price (HK$)

(1) Black Platform bed

 with 4.2" Futon

combo / set

(2) Tatami Poster bed 

Bed Frame include 5.5cm Tatami

futon not included


(3) ZEN Tatami bed per picture  

Bed Frame include 5.5 Tatami

futon not included

Single 90*190 $5,290 $5690  
Double 120*200 $5,990 n.a. n.a.
L Double 140*200 $6,490 $7,490 $10,800
Queen 160*200 $6,890 $7,990 $11,900
King 180*200 $7,480 $8,490 $13,900

3% min apply delivery available to most city areas of Hong Kong, Kowloon and N. T.;  Island areas require special arrangement. Assembling service available separately. Please see our delivery schedule or contact us for more information. Assembling available separately. 


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