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Tips On Down

Q1.   What is Down?


Down is nature's own best insulating material. It consists of light fluffy clusters form the under plumage of waterfowl.  The filaments of each cluster contain tiny air pockets of warm still air which expand as the body generates heat.


Down has the wonderful ability to breathe thereby forming a blanket of warmth and comfort while lifting away perspiration.  You will feel none of the clamminess that often occurs with synthetics.  An ounce of down will keep you warmer than any synthetic fiber and is a natural choice for luxurious comfort.

Q2. Down care?

With a little care and maintenance, your down comforter should be around to keep you warm for years to come.

The most important care your comforter needs is a cover.  It absorbs perspiration as well as protects the comforter from getting soiled.  You can take the cover off and machine wash it. Please read Care Instructions Label attached to the comforter.

Small spots or stains can be removed by using warm water and mild soap.  Dry the area with a hand operated hair dryer on a low setting.  If there are no major spills or dirt penetrating the cover, your comforter can be used for a long time before cleaning is needed.

When cleaning becomes necessary, we highly recommend it be done by a professional dry cleaner.

Q3. Daily care?

On a regular basis, shake and air out the down comforter.   We suggest it be aired in an open area away from direct sunlight.  This will give your down comforter a fresh appearance and allow the down to fluff up and redistribute itself evenly within the shell pockets and chambers. 

Down is very resilient; one shake restores its loft.

As well, to ensure your down comforter continues to insulate properly, it is important the down always be kept completely dry, clean and moisture free.  This little bit of maintenance will ensure your body stays warm and cozy.



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This is down from a white goose

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