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The History

Dated back to the 710AD when the Japanese Emperor Shoumu first used Tatami as a bed. However, there were rules governing the use of Tatami for different social ranking by the different thickness of the tatami mat and edge colors.  At that time, only the Emperor used the best silk fabric for the edge decoration.

Why Tatami

Tatami is an unique green product feeling warm in the winter while cooler in the summer. The natural characteristic of straw provides the best comfort adaptable to humidity atmosphere, suitable for many purpose of living and decoration, flooring, bedding (w/ futon) to exercising (Judo). It's moderate hardness also contributes to the good health of waist and backbone for sleeping on.



Suitable for Children - Cosmopolitan living - Elderly

Tatami is made from Igusa (rush/rice straw) with foam core. Each one is finely woven for the best comfort.

* New various sizes available, please refer table below

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Minimalist Portable 5 Fold Tatami    1.2cm thick
Individual Foldable Tatami Size Size Hong Kong Dollar
80x190x1.2cm  Small Single HK$ 890/pc
90x190x1.2cm Single HK$ 990/pc
90x200x1.2cm Long Single  HK$ 1090/pc
160x200x2.8cm Queen HK$ 3190/pc
4.2 Futon + Foldable Tatami (1 pc for single, 2 pcs for double and up) Combo Set
Foldable Tatami Set Size Combo Price
Small Single Combo Set
80x190cm + 76x183cm 4.2" futon
Small Single HK$ 3,890/set
Single Combo Set Single HK$ 3,980/set
Tall Single Combo Set Tall Single HK$ 4,190/set
Double Combo Set Double HK$ 5,490/set
Large Double Combo Set Large Double HK$ 5,790/set
Queen Combo Set  Queen HK$ 6,190/set
Delivery available to most city areas of Hong Kong, Kowloon and N. T.;  Island areas require special arrangement.  Please contact us for more information.
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