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Japanese Shoji Zen Lamp

Warm lighting provides peaceful atmosphere 
for a peaceful mind and healthy live.

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Natural Lighting - the balance of life & nature.

Shoji Lamp provides mild lighting for a warm and peaceful  atmosphere, whether it's bedroom or living room.  

Suitable for Bedroom - Living Room - Corridor.

Bamboo Kobe - 22x22x90 height cm
Kyoto Black - 23x23x100cm height cm
Kyoto Walnut - 20x20x46cm
Nikko - 16x16x42cm
Osaka S - 30x12x23cm
Osaka L - 26x12x41cm
Sapporo I - 22x18x40cm
Sapporo II - 27x13.5x46cm
Tokyo Black Small - 16x16x25cm
Tokyo Black - 30x25x65cm

Use with:
Tatami - Tatami poster bed - Tatami ZabutonJapanese mattress - Shoji Screen - Shoji Lamp  - Silk Comforter  

Japanese Shoji Zen Lamp ~ Soft Light for Bedroom, Living Room & Corridor.

Lamp Size
(LWH in cm)

Sale Price

Bamboo Kobe

22x22x90 cm


Kyoto Black Floor Lamp

23x23x100 cm $1280

Kyoto Black Table Lamp

20x20x46 cm $690
Kyoto Walnut Floor Lamp 23x23x100 cm $1280
Kyoto Walnut Table Lamp 20x20x46 cm $690
Osaka S  30x12x23 cm $790
Osaka L  26x12x41cm $990
Sapporo I  22x18x40 cm $940
Sapporo II  27x13.5x46 cm $980
Tokyo Black Small  16x16x25 cm $640
Tokyo Black  30x25x65 cm $1080
  • Use with Shoji Screen to do partition with wind and lighting control effect !

  • Use with Tatami Poster Bed for a peaceful resting atmosphere.

Delivery at 3% (min apply), available to most city areas of Hong Kong, Kowloon and N. T.;  Island areas require special arrangement. Please contact us or whatsapp 96619270 for more information.

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